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"the boys: the sherman brothers' story." (Feature Film) is an intimate journey through the lives of Robert B. Sherman and Richard M. Sherman, the astoundingly prolific, Academy Award®-winning songwriting team that defined family musical entertainment for five decades. The feature-length documentary, conceived, produced and directed by two of the songwriters’ sons, takes audiences behind the scenes of the Hollywood magic factory and offers a rare glimpse of a unique creative process at work. It also explores a deep and longstanding rift that has kept the brothers personally estranged throughout much of their unparalleled professional partnership. Produced and directed by Jeffrey C. Sherman and Gregory V. Sherman. Executive producers are Stephen Buchsbaum, David Permut, Ben Stiller & Stuart Cornfeld. Released by Walt Disney Pictures, Spring '09.


  "All Girl Band"


 "All Girl Band" (Feature Film) Two songwriting buddies get in way over their heads when they attempt to create and launch an All Girl Band to play and sing their songs. Written by Jeffrey C. Sherman.



"Trying" (Feature Film) Adapted from the award winning play by Joanna Glass, “Trying” recounts the author's experience during 1967-1968 when she worked for Francis Biddle at his home in Washington, D.C. Judge Biddle had been Attorney General of the United States under Franklin Roosevelt and Chief Judge of the American Military Tribunal at Nuremberg. The story centers on a young Canadian woman and an old, Philadelphia aristocrat, trying to understand each other in what Biddle knows is the final year of his life. Emmy Award-winning actors William Daniels and Bonnie Bartlett are attached. Screen adaptation by Joanna Glass, Executive Producer, Emmy Award winner Tom Fontana (“Homicide,” “Oz").


"Plan B"


"Plan B" (Feature Film) Set in 1999, three 15 year old friends decide to all become “women” at the same time. After one’s first time is wrecked by a comedic condom mishap, her two best friends immediately leap into action. The solution? Plan B - the ‘morning after pill’ that prevents pregnancy up to 72 hours after unprotected sex. Written by Melissa Rundle. Director Mark Rosman (“A Cinderella Story”) is attached.




A tense, psychological thriller about a once-respected psychiatrist who becomes entangled in lust, murder, paranoia and intrigue when a high powered, mysterious new patient walks into his office. Written by Douglas Grossman and Jeffrey C. Sherman.

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