"Wendy Liebman: Taller on TV"

A Traveling Light Partners Production "Wendy Liebman: Taller on TV" Popular national headliner stand-up Wendy Liebman performs her first-ever hour comedy special.

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 "Flip Off"


"Flip Off"
A Traveling Light Partners Production  "Flip Off !" is the daily head-to-head competition game show that yanks people out of their techno-comfort zone. It drops them in the real world, challenges them to work together in teams and to interface with real people – all for fun and laughs and, of course, awesome prizes! Created by Jamie Alcroft, Jeffrey Sherman & Stephen Buchsbaum. "Road Diaries" A Traveling Light Partners Production


"Road Diaries"

"Road Diaries" A weekly single camera hour drama/comedy series exploring the career and personal lives of The Distractions – an amazing, hot, four-member teenage all-girl rock band – as they embark on their first summer tour, on the road to fame and adulthood. Created by Jeffrey C. Sherman, Shae Padilla and Shelby Spalione. Wayne Carmona (HBO’s “Entourage”) is attached to produce. "Hillers" A Steel Tree Films/Traveling Light Partners Production



"Hillers" When a cataclysm causes a sea change in his provincial hometown, Mitch Repter's hard-earned, idyllic life is abruptly jolted off its foundation. Teetering on the edge of sanity, Mitch must navigate his perilous new reality and fill in the blanks to determine where his life went wrong. Clawing his way back to normal will be a daunting task; Mitch Repter lies motionless in a hospital bed, in a somber room of the coma ward at Hillside Asylum -- as he has for the past three months. Hillers is written by Mike Stivila & Jeffrey C. Sherman and Produced by Jody Woytas, Stephen Buchsbaum, Mike Stivila & Jeffrey C. Sherman. Presentation/Trailer available on request.


"30 Second TV"

"30 Second TV" (Reality Television) Host: Amber Stevens (star of ABC Family's “Greek”). Created by Shadoe Stevens, Directed by Stephen Buchsbaum and Written & Produced by Shadoe Stevens, Stephen Buchsbaum & Jeffrey C. Sherman. Presentation/Trailer available upon request.



"Undiscovered" (Music Reality Television) Hosted by Terri Nunn of Berlin. In development. Created by Jarrett Zellea, Jenny Zellea, Stephen Buchsbaum & Jeffrey C. Sherman.


"Life Coach"

"Life Coach" (Television Series) A half hour, single camera comedy about a thirty-something entrepreneur who, after a heart scare, befriends a bigger than life, street-wise polar-opposite who becomes his lifecoach, confidant and friend. Created and Written by Joey Diaz, Jeffrey C. Sherman & Stephen Buchsbaum. Written by Jeffrey Sherman & Stephen Buchsbaum.


"Waste 'N Time"

"Waste 'N Time" (Television Series) In development. Created by Patrick O’Grady and Josh Aiello. Developed by Stephen Buchsbaum & Jeffrey Sherman.


"First Five"

"First Five" (Television Series) is an hour scripted comedy/drama series about a group of early twenty-somethings living together in a well-worn artist haven beach house. Together, they navigate their second "Wonder Years" - the life-forming first five years after college. Created by Matt Chester, David Kantrowitz, Matt Schwartz, Danny Tieger & Jeffrey C. Sherman


"Vegas Madness"


"Vegas Madness" (Television Game Show) is an hour network primetime game show which captures the glamour, gaming and excitement of Las Vegas itself. Staged at a premiere Las Vegas resort showroom, four contestants, culled from the audience, compete in gaming-themed rounds, culminating in a bonus round where a lucky winner can potentially walk away with $1,000,000! Created by Stephen Buchsbaum & Jeffrey Sherman.



“L.M.A.O.” (Reality Television Series) Six comics on the road to health, well being and comedy clubs. Created by Wendy Liebman.


 "Katie Sullivan" 


"Katie Sullivan" (Television Series) Larisa Oleynik stars as a Midwestern twenty-something who jump-starts her life in Los Angeles, working for a comically struggling event planning company. Also starring Will Friedle, Orson Bean & Alex Desert. Created by Jeff Sherman, Wendy Liebman & Larisa Oleynik, directed by Jeffrey McCracken. Pilot presentation is available upon request.


"Sentenced to Life"


"Sentenced to Life" (Television Series), A comically downward-spiraling former child star Lenny Wolf who, after a lifetime of excess, wild times and near misses, is ordered by the court to get back on track -- with the help of his new in-your face parole officer and what's left of his oddball, dysfunctional posse. Created by Jeffrey Sherman, Micky Dolenz and Mike Rowe.


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